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Hacking and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks

CitrusMail sits between your mail servers and the Internet and allows you to restrict connections from the Internet at large. Our hardened mail platform, backed by 24 hour monitoring and threat evaluation provides you with a secure email gateway, ensuring that your internal systems are protected from day zero.

CitrusMail is a highly resilient, distributed system with multi-gigabit upstream connections to the backbone of the Internet. This enterprise class infrastructure ensures that Denial of Service attacks aimed at your email are automatically blocked before they have a chance to affect your internal systems.

Viruses, Trojans and malicious code.

CitrusMail combines multiple award winning antivirus engines from disparate providers. Each of these is updated every 15 minutes to ensure that the window of vulnerability to new viruses is a short as possible. CitrusMail also allows you to apply file type analysis and blocking which can, in combination with the anti-virus platform, decrease your exposure to new email borne threats to near zero.

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