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Internet and server failures

CitrusMail is specifically designed to protect your business from the effects of Internet connection and server failures. In the event that your systems become unavailable CitrusMail will queue all your incoming email and store it until such time as your systems are returned to normal service. During an extended problem you can place CitrusMail in Emergency mode. This creates a mailbox on our systems and copies all incoming email to that mailbox which can then be accessed through any web browser. When your systems return all queued email is forwarded on as normal, allowing you to process messages according to your normal procedures.

False positives

From the very first iteration of CitrusMail we have strived to ensure that it delivers one of the lowest false positive rates available. In systems that have received light tuning (where a few legitimate but spam like mailing lists have been whitelisted) we typically see a false positive rate of less than 0.0001%, or about 1 in every 1,000,000 messages.

Mail disputes

Through the secure customer extranet you have access to complete logs of every single email that has ever been presented to CitrusMail, whether the message was accepted or not. Due to the comprehensive nature of the logs, and the ease with which they can be searched, many of our customers now use this in preference to the message tracking interfaces present in their internal mail systems.

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