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Hacking and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks

One of the disadvantages of using Internet email is that you have to allow anyone in the world to connect to your mail servers making them prime targets for hackers.

Between a new vulnerability or exploit being discovered and a tested patch being applied to your mail systems, they will be continually probed and attacked. Worse still, there may be no patch available immediately or testing may highlight issues which mean it can not be applied.

Denial of Service attacks rely on overwhelming your Internet connection or mail server in order to prevent legitimate use. With limited capacity on modern Internet connections and a single internal mail server this can be disturbingly easy for an attacker to achieve.

Viruses, Trojans and malicious code.

Email-borne viruses are a continual and growing threat. New ones are created and released each day and quickly begin their exponential spread. More than 80% of these are transmitted through email making it by far the most dangerous vector to your business.

No single virus engine provides protection from all known viruses. This is particularly true of new viruses where updates for one engine can lag behind another by up to two days. In the early stages of an outbreak there exists a window of vulnerability while your internal antivirus waits for new pattern files to be released, tested and applied.

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